BrainyBins digitises and streamlines waste management

BrainyBins – your digital tool – er et webbaseret softwareplattform som kan halvere antallet af årlige tømninger.

Systemet registrerer løbende fyldningsgraden af dine beholdere, optimerer tømningspunkter, automatiserer ruteplanlægningen og meget mere!


BrainyBins Radar

Say goodbye to dirty lenses that need to be cleaned and pizza trays that confuse sensors. Meet BrainyBins Radar, the latest sensor from Maacks.

BrainyBins Sensor

The BrainyBins system consists of different sensors, depending on situation and purpose.

BrainyBins Predict

Predict fill levels so you can provide a better service and avoid overflowing bins.

BrainyBins Routing

Plan routes automatically so your employees save time and the trucks drive less.

BrainyBins App

Driver's daily tool for logging errors, displaying routes, and tracking container conditions.

BrainyBins Weight

Simple and effective weighing of bins and containers, with integrated invoicing.

BrainyBins Overview

Get an overview of all your bins, containers, trucks, routes, employees and much more.

BrainyBins gives you an up to date overview

Data from different sensors is sent wirelessly to the BrainyBins system, which acts as the brain behind all the intelligent functions. This includes determining the filling level, route planning and much more. The statistics-section provides an overview of workflows at the recycling sites and easy reporting to the environmental authorities.


Smart on the inside, Tough on the outside

BrainyBins Radar is the newest sensor from Maacks. The use of radar technology eliminates the inaccurate measurements caused by dirty optics and pizza boxes. The sensor continuously transmits fill level data wirelessly to the cloud. The sensor is made of robust materials and can handle many years in the field.

Maacks BrainyBins Fuldmelder Miljøstation

Built to last without any maintenance

The Brainybins smart sensor has been designed to last for nearly a decade. There is no need for cleaning the sensors, recharging the batteries, winterproofing the case or any other form of maintenance. Our sensors work even if they are dirty, they do not need to be constantly cleaned.

Kolding Kommune Redux Maacks Brainybins testimonials reviews

"The BrainyBins system is a big advantage, because we get an overview of all our bins, we know when they need to be emptied, and it can automatically schedule a pick-up. We have freed up a lot of resources for other tasks.”

Rasmus Vestergaard

Redux - Waste and Recycling


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