Rudersdal Municipality completes digitisation of waste bins

Per Sørensen fra Vesthimmerlands Kommune viser Maacks BrainyBins Radar sensor.

In Rudersdal Municipality, they have a complete overview of their 400 waste bins in the public space. Emptying and route planning are optimised with the latest generation of radar technology. Simple management via an app supports the work in self-managing groups, and the investment is amortised within 20 months.

Rudersdal Municipality has just completed the installation of 400 intelligent 3rd generation full detectors in the municipality's rubbish bins. The full detector is a sensor with the latest generation of radar technology, which precisely registers the filling level in all the rubbish bins which the municipality has placed at bus stops, paths, streets, and squares.

With the new technology, the typical sources of errors in the environment around the sensor are avoided. In practice, this means that the challenges of measuring in open containers are eliminated.

“We achieve better target fulfillment - no wasted time driving due to incorrect measurements,” says Thomas Søgaard, operations manager in Rudersdal Municipality.

It has also become easier for the performing employee with the new app – a dedicated tool that generates the most optimal emptying route live.

“The users of the new app have accepted it very well, and the intuitive user interface has contributed a lot to make the implementation a success.

Time has gone fast; and the employees have accep­ted the new tool. We save time on emptying, and our employees have been given a user-friendly tool to plan their working day,” says Thomas Søgaard. He continues:

“It is a technology that can change daily operations because it works, and because the employees experience a high level of usability that fits into their daily routine. We see it as an effective means to better achievement.”


The solution is called BrainyBins
All sensors are connected via Cloud to an app-based solution, where the filling level of the individual bins are constantly monitored. A route plan is continuously generated so that the least possible amount of time is spent on emptying, and unnecessary trips to bins, that are not full, are avoided.

The solution is called BrainyBins and is provided by the company Maacks which is located in Sønderborg. They are specialists in digitising waste management. The sensors are mounted in containers with 42 and 90 liters respectively. The radar techno­logy can distinguish between air and waste and thus gives the real picture of the filling level.

A decisive advantage of the new radar-based sensor is that false measurements do not occur due to dirty lenses or, for example, pizza trays.


Fact-based and profitable operation
“BrainyBins Radar sensors are a mature technology and the breakthrough we have been waiting for,” says Thomas Søgaard.

“The precision from the full detector is high when we compare with our manual observations, and definite error reports are as low as 0-5 percent.” states Thomas Søgaard.

The statistics part of BrainyBins provides valuable information about the usage pattern of the individu­al waste bins. Data that Thomas Søgaard intends to use to assess whether some of the bins should be removed – perhaps up to 10 percent – or placed elsewhere.

The database also makes it easier to service the members of the city council, who are often contac­ted by citizens, among other things, about the muni­cipality’s waste bins. In this way, it can become a more fact-based dialogue, just as environmental reporting becomes easier.

Simple installation within ten minutes
The actual installation of the radar sensors only takes 10 minutes, including the physical installation of the full detector in the top of the waste bin and the connection via Cloud to the BrainyBins software. The latter is done by swiping over a magnet on the side of the device. You can immediately see in the app whether it is running as it should.


It started as a pilot project
Prior to the implementation, a very compressed pro­cess has taken place. At the beginning of the year, Rudersdal Municipality entered into an agreement with Maacks to test both BrainyBins Radar sensors and BrainyBins Software. In the first phase, the solu­tion was tested, and when it proved that it could de­liver as promised, the municipality quickly moved on.

“The full detector solution worked as it should, and therefore we quickly proceeded with the installation of all 400 sensors and the entire software package. Immediately after the summer holidays, BrainyBins were rolled out to the last of the municipality’s two service teams, which are responsible for emptying the bins,” says Thomas Søgaard. He continues:

“We have saved around 15 percent on emptying our bins, so the investment will pay off. Waste collection is one of the biggest items in the Vej & Parks budget, so it matters a lot.”

According to the operations manager, more can probably be retrieved as the collected data is analysed, but perhaps not quite the 40-50 percent that the manufacturers emphasise. Among other things because the municipality inspects the bins at least once every 14 days.


Good tool for employees
At Rudersdal Municipality, they work with self-­managing teams, and here it is important to have the right tools so that they can organize the work themselves. In this connection, BrainyBins is a great help, because employees find the app’s user interface very intuitive and easy to use.

“It has become easier for the performing employee­ with the new app, which is a dedicated tool that generates the most optimal route live,” says Thomas Søgaard and continues:

“The users of the new app have accepted it very well, and the easy user interface has contributed a lot to making the implementation a success. With a precise plan, employees can better organize their daily work, so they know how much time they have for other tasks later in the day.”

The operations manager believes that good digital tools, that make work more meaningful, are important in today’s heated job market. Many are already used to work with apps, and here is BrainyBins’ user-friendly solution a good asset that has contri­buted to making the implementation a success.

Overall, Thomas Søgaard is pleased that BrainyBins full detector solution fits perfectly into the munici­pality’s digitalisation strategy with its data-driven operation.


Vendor support
Rudersdal Municipality already has a lot of experience with digitising waste bins, and therefore it has been important for Thomas Søgaard to collaborate with a supplier that is specialised in waste management and where support is available.

“Throughout the entire implementation, my emplo­yees have had direct contact with Maacks’ support­team. They have been competent and quick to return, which has made the commissioning much easier.” says Thomas Søgaard.

The Sønderborg company Maacks supplies digital solutions for automating emptying and route planning to many Danish municipalities and waste companies.

About the BrainyBins technology


radar technology
BrainyBins Radar is based on radar technology and measures the ­filling level of waste bins or contai­ners. It is the same technolo­gy used in cars, where obstacles on the road are quickly and accurate­ly detected. The sensor is installed in the top of the bin/container and is made of robust materials. Thanks to the radar technology, you can avoid the problem of lenses that become dirty or give false full reports.


Dynamic route planning
BrainyBins is a comprehensive system that also includes an administrative module. With the sensors and the administrative software, one can optimise emptying and automate route planning. This saves time and money, protects the environment, and at the same time provides employees with a more meaningful daily routine.

Available via PC or App
The administration module is available via PC or App, and it can be expanded with modules that optimise route planning and notify transport companies/transport ­departments. The result is less CO2 emission, more satisfied citizens, and a more targeted effort of human resources.

Torben Østerby

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